FAQ About Worker’s Compensation in Iowa

Getting injured while on the job is never in your plans. However, accidents happen and it’s crucial that you’re prepared. If you’re ever injured on the job, one of the most important things to know is the iowa workers compensation law. By understanding the nuances of the law, you can make sure that you’re covered for any injuries that happen while you’re working in Iowa.

What Is Worker’s Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a law requiring employers to grant benefits and compensate employees when an injury occurs while they’re employed.

What Injuries are Covered?

The definition of what an injury is can vary from state to state, with Iowa classifying injuries as any health impairment of the body that is not due to normal processes and that happens while properly fulfilling the duties of your job requirements.

Diseases and certain health conditions, such as hearing loss, can also be classified as injuries if they develop due to exposure while on the job or as a result of job requirements. Pre-existing conditions as well as conditions that are exacerbated by the job are not considered injuries.

iowa workers compensation law

Who’s Eligible?

Almost all employees are eligible for workers’ comp when they are working for employers in Iowa under a contract of hire or are employed and spend much of their time in Iowa. Some individuals, however, may be exempt from workers’ compensation due to various reasons.

If you’re unsure of whether or not you’re eligible for benefits, speak with an administrator at your place of employment to get confirmation of your benefits and eligibility. Even some independent contractors may be covered, depending on the details of their contract.

These are just a few of the commonly asked questions about workers’ compensation laws in Iowa – if you’d like to learn more, speak with a law professional or look online to find additional information about injuries and accidents on the job and what to do when one occurs.